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Better Choice

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am no financial genius. Really. As i have blogged about my financial skills, i am still learning the ropes or the process of handling our finances. I have neither the degree nor the family background to be able to be equipped with the necessary skills to it. Unlikee my other siblings who seem to posses the skills, my husband and i do not have those same skills.
A few years back, when i was a very young wife at twenty three years old, i was always in budget mess. I did not know what to do with the income that goes in and out of the household. Sometimes i overspend our income. More often than not, i was always caught confused and dazed when it comes to our monthly budget. It was tough but i did learn a lot in the process. Even up to now, I still find it hard to settle our finances. I will give you one example.
This week our youngest got sick. Much as I was really into listing down our house hold expenses so I could keep track of them; my youngest needed some medications. Being a picky eater and sensitive to some kinds of food, I had to really prod her eat whatever she likes. Thus, we always ended up buying meals or whatever food she fancies, as long as i could encourage her to eat. Thus, constant buying and expensive medicine affected my budget. Times like these, I am really easily discouraged to keep track of our budget. I feel it is useless to list and list our expenses when I know I cannot fully control them. Thus, it becomes quite frustrating for me. My husband, however, does not meddle how I handle our finances. He always tells me he trust me enough with it.
With this, I cannot truly blame people who resort to cash loans just to stretch their budget. Browsing through online sites, there are actually installment loans available for those who need cash right away. In fact, these personal loans are favorable to those who borrow because rates are lower by 25-75% than payday loans.
Because it is tough to handle finances religiously, there are available loans payable on installment basis. This is quite good news for those who need o spread out payment due to other pressing bills which are needed to be settled. This is a better kind of scheme for those who choose to avail.