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For the last three days, my two older kids are not in our house. They were invited to a three-day swimming trip to Zambales. It is a province about 6-7 hours drive away from ours. My 6 siblings are with them.My sister who owns a company treated her staff to that three day swimming vacation.

Weeks before the trip, my kids ( ages 8 and 10) were really excited. They were planning what to do and visualizing how the event would be like, for them. They are used to the idea that i send them (on their own) with my sisters to long trips such as this one. As far as i can remember, they had trips to different provinces since 2003 when they were just four and 6 years olds, consecutively. The places they had gone to are: Quezon province (2x), Bataan, Zambales (2x), Cebu, Bohol and one was a trip to Baguio.

My kids loved those trips. They fend for themselves, but is supervised by my sisters. The trips helped them be independent and dreamed of going to farther places someday.