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Safety is the Key!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Are you competitive? Do you push yourself to the extremes just to get your goals done? Do you educate or make yourself learn further to be the best there is in the market? How do you hone your skills further to be on the top of the heap?

Skills-wise, I am almost left behind compared to the young ones. But there’s always an opportune time to learn, right? As long as one is open to learn and be trained, the field to excellence never closes.
Just like in the construction business, one has to learn what Stephen Covey calls: Sharpening the saw. One should be always ready in order to contend with all the rest in the business. It is not just being ready but knowing the ropes to health and safety of this business is a must.

So sharpening your skills to be ready for future use through apprenticeship and training is very easy to do. If you know how to do it and you are is set to be ready, plus truly qualified and with awareness regarding health and safety in the construction business.