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Number Games

Sunday, January 20, 2008

When it comes to numbers and figures, I am quite sluggish. Understanding the coded language, that is Math, is never my cup of tea. I just could not force myself to analyze and synthesize figures and symbol the way I do with the written language. When gifts or number skills showered from the heavens, I think I was asleep. Or was I on vacation? Or maybe I just did not receive as much skills as my husband did. (He majored in Applied Physics, after all) Or the last alibi could be: he took my entire quota.

Kidding aside, I may not be that good with numbers but for sure I can understand simple equations.
This struck me as serious: Every 26 seconds, a car is stolen in America. Almost half of cars stolen are never recovered. Isn’t that quite alarming? Even the not so expensive ones are stolen. Isn’t that quite ironic, too? How come even in the most progressive country like the U.S. thefts are still rampant?
Thus, I do not gamble with my property. No matter how dense I am when it comes to number, I know what to do with my car: get my car insurance. Sometimes, our budget is tight but still it is best to get car insurance than to risk losing our car, right?