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Domain Registration

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AS I have blogged about earlier, I am really into deep thoughts about getting my own domain. It may sound weird to really think about it, but you see I am a reflective person. I do think hard and deep and sometimes consume lots of time before I can decide on something.
Are you like that also? Or are you as impulsive and always in the state of excitement like my husband and daughter? Some times I do wish I can decide as impulsively as they do, but I can not. I do not know why… Although I always believe in the saying: slow but sure sometimes it is not applicable in this fast-paced life of ours which considers: time is gold. Wheew!
However, since there are many available choices these days, variety becomes the key! In domain registration there are many choices already. So I may still take my time in deciding about my domain registration. I need to choose wisely!